Add a user to a Lens list

Use ChainJetBot to add a profile to your Lens list with a comment

In this tutorial, we will show you how to use @ChainJetBot.lens to add a user to a Lens list simply by commenting on a post.

  • Login on ChainJet with your wallet. Once you're in your dashboard, click on "Create Workflow".

  • The first step is to select a trigger. Click on "Add trigger" and then select the Lens Protocol integration.

  • Choose the trigger "New Mention to @ChainJetBot.lens". (If this is your first time using the integration, you will need to connect your Lens profile).

  • Next, enter the word or phrase that you want to activate your workflow. In this case, we will use "Add to list".

  • The next step is to select an action. Click on the "+" button below the trigger and select the Lens Protocol integration. Choose "Get Publication" and select "ID" from the drop-down menu for the Publication ID field.

  • Finally, select a new action by clicking the "+" button below the previous action. Select the "Lens List" integration and choose "Add a user to a list".

  • You will need to complete two fields: Profile ID and List ID. For the Profile ID field, select the profile ID from the drop-down menu that was obtained from the Get Publication action. The List ID can be found in the URL of your Lens List. In our case, it would be, and therefore the ID is 839997772555157505.

That's it! Your entire workflow is now ready. You can add any profile to your list simply by commenting on a post: @ChainJetBot.lens Add to list.


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