To start using ChainJet, connect your wallet and sign the message. We use the standard ERC-4361 to ensure a secure authentication.

After you sign in, you'll find yourself on the Dashboard page, where you'll have different options to get started.

"Create Workflow" - It creates an empty workflow. You can add any triggers and actions to automate any kind of task.

"Blockchain Notifications" - In this section, you'll find a simplified wizard to create notification-based workflows for blockchain events, token transfers, and more. Select the trigger for your workflow (the event you want to be notified on). You have four options: Tokens received on an address, NFTs received on an address, Transactions made on an address, or new events by smart contracts across 16 different blockchains.

Then, select where you want to be notified: Email, Discord, Telegram, or DMs via XMTP. Finally, connect your account, and your workflow is complete. You will start receiving notifications on the selected event!

โ€œSchedule Taskโ€ - Easily schedule a task to be executed at a specific date and time. Use the Select Task button to choose the task to schedule, and then enter when it should happen.

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